Programs for Teen Girls

If you’re like most parents, the moment your daughter begins dating, driving, attending parties, and traveling by herself, your anxiety level will rise. And it should…

Girls between the ages of 14 and 22 are the prime targets for male predators.

Increased independence combined with limited life experience make young women vulnerable to an array of serious crimes including teen abduction, date rape and car crime. And if this were not enough, the issue of sexual assault on campus is on the rise and very much on the minds of parents who are about to send their daughters off to college for the first time. To prepare your daughter for the dangers she may encounter, I have designed two distinct training options.   Here’s a quick overview of each:



The simplest, most efficient way for your daughter to learn what she'll need to know to stay safe

Tele-Training is simple and efficient because…

  • The entire program takes place by phone.
  • Each call is private, custom-designed and scheduled at her convenience.
  • The sessions require no travel time, no prep time and no special attire—all she has to do is pick up her phone.

This unique approach uses lecture, discussion and visualization to help your daughter build a foundation of protective habits that will keep her safe and out of harms way.

Strategies and Insights about How to Stay Safe

A compact, 3-part course designed to teach your daughter exactly what she’ll need to know about safety awareness, assault prevention and self-defense.

During this program, she’ll cultivate an informed perspective about the dangers she may face while learning the strategies she’ll need to protect herself against them.

The central focus of the program is to help your daughter develop personal protection strategies that will help keep her safe now and for the rest of her life.

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In-Home Training

The Ultimate Personal Protection Training Experience

Why is In-Home Training the ultimate?  Because…

  • It combines knowledge, awareness and prevention strategies PLUS physical self-defense skills. Here, your daughter will not only learn the non-physical awareness and prevention foundation that is essential, she’ll also have the addition of hands-on physical self-defense instruction.
  • It offers total convenience. Designed to provide an uncomplicated, no-hassle client experience.  This program is presented in the privacy of your own home and will be scheduled at a time that fits perfectly into your daughters schedule.
  • It’s fully customized. The program content will be designed according to your daughters specific needs, concerns and learning style.  The exact right information, presented in the exact right way–hand crafted, just for her.
  • It can be private or semi-private. Some girls prefer private training.  Others prefer having a friend join them. Since the program is custom-designed, your daughter can choose which way is best for her.

Awareness, prevention and physical self-defense are the central pillars of personal safety.  Giving your daughter this powerful foundation ensures that she’ll be well prepared for whatever might come her way.


A Blend of Personal Safety Awareness Strategies & Self-Defense Skills

A fully customized, in-home workshop series that focuses not only on what your daughter needs to know in order to avoid bad situations, but also what she can do if her prevention measures fail and she’s left with no choice but to physically protect herself.

This program blends lecture, discussion and demonstration with practical hands-on instruction to ensure a powerful and engaging learning experience.

The ultimate goal is to increase self-reliance and self-confidence while providing your daughter with a genuine protective advantage in case she ever finds herself in a dangerous situation.

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